Ed Macy's Walking Tours

The Ghost Tour

Based on Ed Macy’s best-selling book, Haunted Charleston, this walking tour takes to the historic streets of Charleston, where true life is stranger than fiction.

Macy leaves embellishment by the wayside to let these stories—in ghastly and sometimes dreadful detail—tell themselves. Combing through the oft-forgotten enclaves of the Holy City, Macy tells of a group of orphans who haunt a College of Charleston dorm, a Citadel cadet who haunts a local hotel and a 200 year old graveyard, to name just a few. Based on historic events and specific details that are often lost in most ghost stories, this collection of haunting tales sparks curiosity about what figure might still be lurking in the alleyways of Charleston’s storied streets.

Tour lasts 75 Minutes. Cost: $20 per adult.

 Please call or email for tour time, location and reservations.

The History Tour

We venture through the French Quarter, the Old & Historic District, and the Battery. We will also explore some narrow nooks & crooked crannies, like some of the city's alleys. Overall, the distance is roughly one mile of walking.

Place: Dock Street Theatre on the corner of Queen & Church Streets, just south of the City Market. The address is 135 Church Street
Tour lasts 90 minutes. Cost: $20 per adult. 

Call, text or email for tour time and reservations.

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Private Tours


1-5 people   $150

6-10 people $250

11-15 people $350

 16-20 people $425

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